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Phone Sessions


I offer phone-based psychotherapy to individuals for whom my office locations are not feasible. Although I believe that face-to-face psychotherapy is preferable, I often receive inquiries from clients who are unable to locate a Christian psychologist in their area or who have limits on transportation. Therefore, I offer sessions to address many of the issues that I would in my face-to-face practice (see therapy). If you are interested in considering phone sessions, please contact me to discuss whether they are appropriate for you.


All sessions are by phone and are 50 minutes. I typically schedule appointments on a weekly basis, but I am flexible about this. I can schedule you every other week, once per month, or on another schedule if needed. Once we have scheduled an appointment, you call me at a phone number that I designate in order to initiate the session. I do not require that you commit to a certain number of sessions up front.

To schedule an appointment with me or to discuss whether my services are appropriate for you, you can reach me by phone at (617) 460-5718 or by email at contact@josephcoyle.com.

Please note that due to the relative lack of Christian psychologists in my geographic area, my practice tends to consistently have a wait of several months for new appointments. I will be happy to provide you with referrals to other providers if this is not feasible.

Paying for a Session

Each phone session is $80, payable by check or money order. Please note that health insurance typically does not reimburse for phone sessions (they are not considered telehealth services).